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[토스총평강의] 9/3(일) Say Im 선생님 토익스피킹 강의!

해토지기 | 2017.09.01 | 조회 973

여러분이 기다리시던  9/3 토스 총평강의!


 *Say Im 선생님은 해커스 강남역캠퍼스 강의로도 만나실 수 있습니다. 바로가기 


안녕하세요해커스 어학원 에서 TOEIC Speaking 을 강의하고 있는,

Say now!! Say Im 선생님입니다.

지금부터, 2017 9 0310 30분 시험에 대한 토스총평을 함께 하도록 하겠습니다.


파트 1- Read a text aloud

Q1. 광고문 (난이도 하)


맞이하다, 환영하다 / wel 에 강세

bakery items

빵 제품들 / keri 명확하게 + tems 복수 발음 주의


시장, 마켓 / kit 짧게


우리는 we + are 축약형 / you’re? you’ll?


제공된 것, offer 제공하다 / ff 강하게

20 percents

Twenty percents / 복수 발음 유의

a wide variety of

매우 다양한 / wide 와이드하게 + V 발음 주의

as well as

~ 에 더하여, 게다가, 마찬가지로 / 하나하나 발음

나열구조 -> cakes, pies, and  grocery items.



Q2. 뉴스 보도문 (난이도 하)


소식, 뉴스 / s 복수주의

now turn to

~ 넘어가죠, 다음 봅시다 / turn R 발음 주의


전문 학교 / K 발음으로 컬리지


구할수 있는, 시간이 있는 / v 발음 주의


출발, 개시 / star R 발음 주의


가을 학기 / Fall F 발음 주의 + R 명확히


강의, 강좌 / K 발음으로 콜스 ~


전문 직들 / FF 처럼 강하게 발음


배움, learn 배우다 / L 발음 주의

나열구조 -> computer,management, and social science.




KEY POINT 1 준비시간활용

 45초 준비 ->20초 읽기 + 25초 파악 및 어려운 부분 대비

천천히 또박또박 읽기주의! + 억양 살려 읽기

나열구조 및 주요강세체크

KEY POINT 2 노하우 

1. 속도는?

2. 분위기는?

3. 중간에 실수하는 것?

KEY POINT 3 출제경향

공지문, 안내문소개문광고문보도문, 전화응답메시지 - 난이도 평이.

파트 2 Describe a picture


1. 종류 – 사무실 <난이도 - >

Sample Answer

This picture was taken in the office. What I notice first is two women working hard.

(1) Firstly, a woman who is wearing glasses is sitting at the reception desk. She seems to be concentrating at the monitor, and some documents are scattered on the desk.

(2) In the background, the other woman who has blond hair is wearing a blue top and pants. She is holding some documents.

Behind her, there are two shelves and they are fully packed with many files. I think it is a family doctor's office because doctors usually keep patient records in their offices.

On the left side, the framed picture is hanging on the wall. 

Everything looks peaceful.


Special 빈출 포인트 ** 사무실속 사람들의 행동

1. The man is organizing his desk.

2. A man is talking on the phone and taking notes.

3. A man is looking into a briefcase.

4. A woman is leaning back in her chair and reading a document.

5. The woman is making photocopies

KEY POINT 1 준비시간 활용

30초 준비 -> 탬플 순서에 따른 아이디어 및 키워드정리

KEY POINT 2 노하우 

1. 중간에 실수 하는것?

2. 말문이 막혔을 때

3. 주인공 단어 모를 때

KEY POINT 3 출제경향

인물 +야외도서관, 실내, 사무실길거리식당판매점-> 쉬운 빈출 항상레디!

유적지해변공사장부두, 도시 -> 지옥템 미리준비


파트 3 Respond to Questions


1. 주제– 교통” <난이도 상>


I use public transportation every day because I go to work every day! Actually, I live near the subway station, so it is very convenient.


The last time I took the subway was 2 days ago, and I went to the H department store. There was a big sale going on, so I bought a new pair of jeans.


Speed of service would be most important to me when traveling by bus.

Well, firstly, I don't want to wait in line for the bus.

Especially, when it rains, it is even more painful.

Secondly, I often suffer from motion sickness, so I don’t want to take a bus for a long time.

Because of this, speed of service is a big matter to me!

Special 빈출 포인트 ** 얼마나?

1. 가장 오래 일했던 곳은?

The longest job I held was working as a barista at a coffee shop called Max’s Coffee.

2. 집에서 가장 가까운 도서관은?

The closest library to my home is fifteen minutes away, and I normally walk there.

3. 알고 지낸지 얼마나 됬는가?

My best friend is Ashley, and we have known each other for over 7 years.

KEY POINT 1 준비시간 없음을 이겨내기

문제 보고 답변 바로 하는 노하우

KEY POINT 2 노하우 

1. 순발력 기르기

2. 단어가 생각이 안 날 때

3. 아이디어 기계가 되는법

KEY POINT 3 출제경향

빈출   현재 삶과 관련 - 친구여가생활쇼핑음식가족공부활동, 물건, 여행, 교통, 사회활동

전자기기 [인터넷모바일폰, SNS, 카메라] + 과거 [초딩,중딩,대딩] = 불멸빈출


파트 4 Respond to Questions using information provided

유형 분석

1. 주제– “일정표”  <난이도 중하>

2. 예문

7.  Where and when?

무엇 is located at 장소 and the seminar will be held on 날짜.

8. Am I right?

Oh don't worry! 무엇 by 누구 has been canceled. So you have nothing after 4 pm, which means you won't miss out on anything.


9. all by 누구 

Sure, there are two schedules by 누구.

The first is 무엇 from a to b, which will be held in room 번호.

The second is 무엇 from a to b, and it is in room 번호.

Special 빈출 포인트 ** 놓치게 되나요?

(이사람이 몇시에 온다  or  간다 시간을 들어야 )

(1) Yes. Unfortunately, you will miss one session, which is 무엇 starting at 몇시.

(2) Oh don't worry! 무엇 has been canceled. You won't miss out on anything.

KEY POINT 1 준비시간활용

30초 준비 -> 표를 효과적으로 읽기

KEY POINT 2 노하우 

1. 순발력 기르기

2. Quantity 가 아닌 Quality한 연습방법

3. 순간 말이 막힐 때

KEY POINT 3 출제경향


     면접 + 이력서


파트 5 Propose a solution (10)


1. 주제– “트레이닝 방법” <난이도 중상>

2. 탬플렛에 포인트 넣기!

문제점 확인:

새로운 여행 가이드들이 교육에도 불구하고 가이드를 잘 못합니다!

Your new travel guides are having a hard time answering questions to customers despite of the training.

[LEVEL 8] (You do not want to waste their time because they have tight schedules)


온라인 자료 제공 + 평가

Firstly, you should post up a list of answers and online materials on employee’s website, and let them study at their convenience. 

[LEVEL 8] People can attend the session whenever and wherever they want, and you won’t have to gather everyone at the same time in the same place.

Um~ secondly, you conduct an evaluation every month. This will motivate them to study hard.

Special 빈출 포인트 ** 온라인을 통한 트레이닝이 어렵다면?

1. You hold a seminar every month and give them a one-on-one training.

2. You can take questions through text messages after training.

3. Take it easy and wait for a few weeks. As you know, people need a few days or weeks to memorize tons of information.

KEY POINT 1 준비시간활용

30초 준비 -> “문제인식” 내용 및 정확한 문장정리

KEY POINT 2 노하우 

1. LC 능력 기르기

2. 간략한 만점 직행 답안 만들기!

3. 순간 말이 막힐 때!

KEY POINT 3 출제경향

     시설관리관련 [주차장부족인력부족건물시설관리미흡관련이슈]

②     회사생활 [업무대행 및 도움스케줄조정직원들에게 알림, 상주기, 예산]

     기타빈출 [장사관련조언트레이닝불만해결홍보 행사 아이디어기기파손해결]


파트 6 Express an opinion (11)


1. 일상 생활 관련 문제 <난이도 중상>

2. 진행바로보기


I strongly believe that people will read fewer books in the future. There are two main reasons why I think so.

Firstly, people nowadays love spending time online because a wealth of information is available on the Internet, and it is accessible anytime, anywhere. We can see news articles, photos, and videos uploaded from various parts of the world. We can become friends with people in faraway places.

Secondly, we increasingly pursue new things and enjoy adventures to expand our horizons. Rather than reading books at home, we want to learn new things by encountering diverse environments. It makes us more creative.

For example, a few days ago – I stayed at home and I read a book, oh I was bored. I didn’t like it.

That’s it.

Special 빈출 포인트 ** ONLINE & TECHNOLOGY 관련 유형 체크

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

The best way to learn a new work skill is by online programs.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Using the latest technology brings success to a company.

KEY POINT 1 준비시간 활용

15초 준비 -> 마음의 준비?

KEY POINT 2 노하우 

1. 아이디어전개  자신만의 노하우 준비

2. For example 준비

KEY POINT 3 출제경향

<주의 : 다양한 SPECTRUM>

     단골토픽 – Internet, SNS, Children, Group, Working, Education, Company life, Hobby, Travel, Experience, Business.

     지옥토픽 – Environment, Society, Health, Behavior, Relationship, Culture,

     3가지 중 가장 ~~한 것 1 <노하우 : 나머지2개 반박>


수고하셨습니다 !

~ SAY NOW! Say Im ~