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무제 문서

Part 1

Questions 1~12 Choose the best answer for the blank.

A: Hey, are we still subscribing to this magazine?
B: Yes, it _______ for three months as the company’s way of saying thank you.

(a) extended
(b) was extended
(c) has extended
(d) had been extended

[정답] (B) was extended

A: 우리 아직도 잡지 구독하고 있는 중이야?
B: 응, 회사 측의 감사 표시로 3개월 동안 구독이 연장되었어.

Way of saying thank you 감사의 표시

A: Were there any problems with the schedule?
B: No, I _______ them with you if there were.

(a) consider
(b) considered
(c) had considered
(d) would consider

[정답] (D) would consider

A: 스케쥴에 무슨 문제 있었어?
B: 아니, 문제가 있다면 너하고 상의했지


A: Why don’t we try that new Italian place at the corner?
B: I _______ if I were you. I was there yesterday, and the food was just OK.

(a) won’t bother
(b) wouldn’t bother
(c) won’t have bothered
(d) wouldn’t have bothered

[정답] (B) wouldn’t bother

A: 우리 저 코너에 있는 새로운 이탈리안 식당 가보는 게 어때?
B: 내가 너라면 신경 안 쓸거야. 내가 어제 갔었는데 음식 괜찮았어.

A: So is Mary staying on with the company or not?
B: Well, she’s reached the point _______ new surroundings might be best.

(a) which
(b) where
(c) whom
(d) when

[정답] (B) where

A: Mary 가 회사에 계속 있을 거래?
B: 글쎄, 그녀는 새로운 환경이 가장 최선일 수 있는 지점에 도달했어.


A: I appreciate you driving me to the airport.
B: Just call me _______ you need me to bring you.

(a) however
(b) whomever
(c) whatever
(d) whenever

[정답] (D) whenever

A: 나를 공항에 데려다줘서 정말 고마워
B: 내가 너를 데려다줄 필요가 있을 때마다 전화해

A: I can’t believe we’re going to see _______.
B: I know. He’s really going places, isn’t he?

(a) him in an upcoming show
(b) in him an upcoming show
(c) him upcoming in a show
(d) for him an upcoming show

[정답] (A) him in an upcoming show

A: 곧 있을 쇼에서 그사람을 볼 수 있다니 믿을 수가 없다
B: 맞아. 그는 정말 성공하고 있어. 그렇지 않아?

Go places = succeed 성공하다


A: They chose the wrong person to head the board.
B: Maybe so, but the vote of the board members _______ irrevocable.

(a) is
(b) are
(c) has been
(d) have been

[정답] (A) is

A: 그들은 이사회를 이끌 사람을 잘못 선택했어.
B: 그럴지도 몰라. 그러나 이사회 구성원들의 투표는 변경할 수 없어.

Irrevocable 변경할 수 없는


A: In what way does your project proposal stand out?
B: We offer a concept _______.

(a) for a market broad-based diversified
(b) diversified for a broad-based market
(c) for a broad-based diversified market
(d) broad-based for a diversified market

[정답] (C) for a broad-based diversified market

A: 어떤 점에서 너의 프로젝트 제안이 눈에 띄어?
B: 우리는 광범위한 다양한 시장에 대한 컨셉을 제공해.


A: Is the boss angry about something?
B: I think he is, but I don’t know _______.

(a) for what he asked
(b) what this is about
(c) about what he asked
(d) what is this about

[정답] (B) what this is about

A: 사장님 화나셨어?
B: 응 그런 것 같아. 그러나 그것이 무엇에 대한 것인지는 잘 모르겠어


A: Why did the police take him in for questioning?
B: Well, he _______ to knowing something soon after the company became bankrupt.

(a) admits
(b) admitting
(c) admitted
(d) will be admitting

[정답] (C) admitted

A: 경찰이 왜 조사를 위해 그사람을 연행해 간거야?
B: 글쎄, 그가 회사 파산 직후에 뭔가를 알고 있다고 인정했었어.


A: I heard that Rick had to visit his grandmother at a hospital.
B: Oh, that was just _______ for missing a date with Jasmine.

(a) alibi
(b) alibis
(c) the alibis
(d) an alibi

[정답] (D) an alibi

A: 내가 듣기로는 Rick 이 병원에 계신 할머니를 방문해야 했었대.
B: 그건 단지 Jasmine 하고 데이트를 하지 못한 것에 대한 변명에 불과해.


A: When are you leaving for the bus depot?
B: _______ I get this last-minute packing done.

(a) Even though
(b) Until
(c) So that
(d) As soon as

[정답] (D) As soon as

A: 버스 터미널로 언제 떠날 꺼야?
B: 막판 짐 싸는 것이 끝나자 마자

Bus depot 버스 터미널

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홍혜윤 선생님 09월 텝스 적중예상특강
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