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무제 문서

Part 1

Questions 1~12 Choose the best answer for the blank.

A: We were hoping to get extra funding for our research.
B: We’re really sorry, but there isn’t _______ money left for research work.

(a) none
(b) each
(c) any
(d) many

[정답] (C) any

A: 우리 연구에 추가 기금이 들어올 것을 희망하고 있었어.
B: 응, 회사 측의 감사 표시로 3개월 동안 구독이 연장되었어.


A: Is that technical writing position still open?
B: Yes, we just haven’t found _______.

(a) to fill the bill anyone
(b) anyone fills the bill
(c) to fill the bill anyone it is
(d) anyone to fill the bill

[정답] (D) anyone to fill the bill

A: 기술문서작성 업무자리가 아직도 공석입니까?
B: 네, 아직 조건을 충족하는 사람은 찾지 못했어요

Technical writing 기술문서작성 Fill the bill 조건을 충족시키다


A: I can’t believe they arrested the mayor.
B: Well, no one is _______ the law in a fair society.

(a) above
(b) upon
(c) within
(d) beside

[정답] (A) above

A: 나는 그들이 시장을 체포했다는 것을 믿을 수가 없어
B: 글쎄, 공정사회에서 법 위에 군림하는 사람은 없으니까.

A: Is this really the best deal I can get for this car?
B: Yes, you _______ a real bargain when you consider everything.

(a) were giving
(b) will give
(c) were given
(d) give

[정답] (C) were given

A: 이 자동차를 사는데 이것이 가장 최선의 거래입니까?
B: 그렇습니다. 당신은 모든 것을 고려했을 때 정말 싸게 사는 겁니다.


A: We’re going to run out of fruit punch soon.
B: Don’t worry. I _______ another bowl this very minute.

(a) prepare
(b) am preparing
(c) had prepared
(d) have been preparing

[정답] (B) am preparing

A: 화채가 떨어져가고 있어요
B: 걱정마. 지금 바로 또 한 그릇 준비하고 있는 중이니까

Fruit punch 과일 화채

A: When is the company outing?
B: This Saturday. _______ wants to join should be in the parking lot at 7 a.m.

(a) Those
(b) Whoever
(c) They
(d) Anyone

[정답] (B) Whoever

A: 곧 있을 쇼에서 그사람을 볼 수 있다니 믿을 수가 없다
B: 이번 토요일. 합류를 원하는 사람은 누구든 오전7시까지 주차장으로 와야해.


A: Do you want to add anything else to the display?
B: Why don’t we just leave _______?

(a) it as it is
(b) as it is
(c) it as is
(d) as is

[정답] (A) it as it is

A: 전시에 추가하고 싶은 거 있어?
B: 그냥 그대로 냅두는게 어때?


A: Is Mr. Park here for his appointment?
B: No, but he _______ arrive any moment now.

(a) should
(b) ought
(c) used to
(d) have

[정답] (A) should

A: Mr. Park 이 약속에 왔어?
B: 아니, 하지만 지금이라도 도착해야할꺼야.


A: II appreciate you helping with our flight arrangements.
B: No problem. If you have questions _______ your itinerary, just call.

(a) during
(b) until
(c) concerning
(d) before

[정답] (C) concerning

A: 비행일정 잡는걸 도와줘서 감사해요.
B: 아닙니다. 여행일정에 대한 질문이 있으면, 언제든 전화하세요

Itinerary 여행일정


A: Why do you want to stay at that expensive hotel?
B: The advertisement says it has an excellent view of the mountain _______ it was built.

(a) which
(b) on which
(c) what
(d) of what

[정답] (B) on which

A: 너는 왜 저 비싼 호텔에 머물고 싶어하는 거야?
B: 광고를 보니까, 그 호텔에서는 그것이 지어진 산의 아름다운 경치를 볼 수 있다고 하더라고.


A: Why did the platoon lose the battle?
B: They were surrounded by the enemy and had no choice but _______.

(a) surrender
(b) surrendered
(c) to surrender
(d) to surrendering

[정답] (C) to surrender

A: 그 소대는 왜 전투에서 진걸까?
B: 그들은 적들에게 둘러싸이게 되었고 항복할 수 밖에 없었어.

Have no choice but to부정사 ~하지 않을 수 없다/~할 수밖에 없다


A: Why didn’t you like the article?
B: Well, there were _______.

(a) a few errors quite careless
(b) quite careless a few errors
(c) errors quite a few careless
(d) quite a few careless errors

[정답] (D) quite a few careless errors

A: 왜 그 기사를 맘에들어하지 않는거야?
B: 부주의한 에러가 몇 개 있더라고.


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