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무제 문서

Part 1


1. The song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by the Irish rock band U2 ____________. The lyrics were inspired by a tragic incident in Northern Ireland in which several defenseless civil rights activists died at the hands of the British Army. However, the band notes that the song does not only apply to this specific event and that it is meant to be a general statement denouncing armed conflict and the senselessness with which humans commit atrocities against one another. It emphasizes the need to end all bloodshed.

(a) stresses the significance of political activism
(b) expresses great contempt for any act of war
(c) depicts the harsh realities of living in Ireland
(d) chronicles the dreadful aftermath of the civil war

[정답] (B) expresses great contempt for any act of war


아일랜드밴드 U2의노래“Sunday Bloody Sunday”는어떠한형태의싸움에대한대단한경멸을표현하고있다. 이가사는북아일랜드에서여러무방비상태의시민운동가들이영국군에의해서죽임을당한비극적인사건에서영감을얻었다. 그러나, 이밴드는이노래가이특정한사건에적용될뿐아니라, 물리적충돌과인간이서로에게악행을저지르는무분별함을비난하는일반진술을의도한것이라고강조한다. 이노래는모든유혈사태를끝낼필요를강조한다.

(a) 정치적활동의중요성을강조한다
(b) 어떠한형태의싸움에대한대단한경멸을표현한다
(c) 아일랜드에서의가혹한삶의현실들을묘사한다
(d) 내전의끔찍한후유증을연대순으로기록한다


lyric 가사 / inspire 영감을주다 / tragic 비극적인 / defenseless 무방비의 / civil right activist 시민운동가 / general statement 일반적진술 / denounce (공개적으로) 비난하다 / armed conflict 물리적충돌 / senselessness 무분별함 / atrocity 악행 / bloodshed 유혈사태 / political activism 정치적활동 / contempt 경멸 / war 싸움 / depict 묘사하다 / harsh 가혹한 / chronicle 연대순으로기록하다 / dreadful 끔찍한 / aftermath 후유증


2. Most educators welcome the use of clickers in class, noting that this technology can ____________. The clicker is a device that enables students, particularly those who are too shy to voice their opinions, to partake in class discussions by allowing them to anonymously answer multiple choice or yes-no questions. This gives them the confidence to respond to emotion-stirring questions like, “Would you consider aborting your own child?” It also provides teachers real-time feedback on how much the students are learning from lectures, allowing instructors to adjust the time spent on topics accordingly as they go along.

(a) be integrated with numerous other devices
(b) be used to keep up with the changing times
(c) encourage participation from students
(d) help students identify their learning interests

[정답] (C) encourage participation from students


대부분의교육자들은교실에서 Clicker의사용을환영하는데, 이기술이학생들의참여를격려할수있다는사실을강조한다. Clicker는학생들이, 특히자신들의의견을나타내기에는지나치게수줍어하는, 여러선택지나찬반여부를선택하여익명으로답을함으로써수업토론에참여할수있게한다. 이것은학생들에게“자신의아이를낙태시킬것을고려해볼것인가”같은감정을자극하는질문들에대해서대답을할수있는자신감을준다. 또한이것은선생님들에게학생들이강의로부터얼마나많은것을배우고있는가에대한실시간반응을제공하는데, 이는강사에게그들이진행하면서이에따라어떠한소재에시간을할애할지를조정할수있도록허락한다.

(a) 다른기기들과통합될수있다
(b) 변해가는시대를따라가는데사용될수있다
(c) 학생들의참여를격려할수있다
(d) 학생들이그들의학문적관심을찾는것을돕는다


educator 교육자 / note강조한다 / voice (의견따위를) 말하다, 표현하다 / partake in ~에참여하다 / anonymously 익명으로  confidence 자신감 / emotion-stirring 감정을자극하는 / abort 낙태하다 / real-time 실시간 / integrate 통합하다


Part 2


3.The decline in amphibian populations since the 1980s is attributable to a range of circumstances. (a) The destruction of habitats has gravely affected amphibians because they need both aquatic and terrestrial environments to survive. (b) These animals are considered ecological indicators because they can show the health of an ecosystem. (c) Another factor is ozone depletion, which has led to increased levels in atmospheric ultraviolet light, a type of radiation harmful to amphibians. (d) The fact that humans spread pathogens that are deadly to amphibians has also put a number of species at increased risk.

[정답] (B) These animals are considered ecological indicators because they can show the health of an ecosystem.


1980년부터양서류개체수의감수는다양한상황에기인한다. (a) 서식지의파괴는양서류에게중대하게영향을끼쳐왔는데왜냐하면그들은생존하기위해서수중과육상의환경을모두필요로하기때문이다. (b) 이러한동물들은환경적지표로여겨지는데왜냐하면그들은생태계의건강을보여줄수있다. (c) 또다른요인은오존층파괴인데, 이것은양서류에게해로운대기의자외선의증가된수치를야기한다. (d) 인간이양서류에게치명적인병원균을퍼뜨린다는사실또한여러종의양서류를증가된위기에처하게한다.

decline 감소 / amphibian양서류 / be attributable to ~에기인한다 / a range of 다양한 / habitat 서식지 / gravely 중대하게 / ozone depletion 오존층파괴 / atmospheric 대기의 / ultraviolet light 자외선 / pathogen 병원균


Part 3


4.What are the best colleges in the country? Most people will probably mention those from the Ivy League, a group of private universities in the Northeastern United States. These learning institutions are usually ranked among the best schools in the world. However, high school students should not use these rankings as the sole basis for choosing the college they will attend. Ratings are subjective and frequently show people’s bias toward characteristics inherent to elite universities, such as fame, wealth, and exclusivity.

What is the main idea of this passage?
(a) Teens must look beyond rankings when choosing schools.
(b) The ranking of learning institutions should be disallowed.
(c) Experts are developing criteria to rank colleges objectively.                  
(d) Top universities are manipulating the results of the rankings.

[정답] (A) Teens must look beyond rankings when choosing schools.


이나라에서최고의대학은무엇인가? 대부분의사람들은아마도미북동지역에있는사립학교들인아이비리그의대학들을언급할것이다. 이러한교육기관들은종종세계에서최고의대학으로순위에오른다. 그러나, 고등학교학생들은이러한순위를그들이진학할대학을선택하는데있어서유일한기반으로사용해서는안된다. 순위란주관적이고종종명성, 부, 그리고고급스러움같은엘리트대학교들에내제된특질들에대한사람들의편견을빈번하게보여준다.

(a) 십대들은학교를선택할때순위위상의것을봐야한다
(b) 교육기관의순위는허락되어서는안된다
(c) 전문가들은대학교의순위를객관적으로측정할기준들을개발하고있다                   
(d) 일류대학교들이순위결과를조작하고있다


subjective 주관적인 / bias편견 / inherent 내제된 / exclusivity 고급스러움 / criteria 기준들(criterion의복수명사) / objectively 객관적으로 / manipulate 조작하다


5. The Oasis University Stadium, which can seat up to seventy-five thousand spectators, will be inaugurated next month by the sports minister himself. Once it opens, the stadium will become the largest university sports arena in the country. However, this distinction also makes Oasis University Stadium a high-profile target for terrorists. Hence, if you are planning to attend the much-anticipated inaugural game at the stadium, be prepared for long lines as stadium personnel will be meticulously checking the belongings of everyone attempting to enter the venue.

Which of the following is correct about the stadium according to the passage?
(a) It is the subject of spectator security concerns.
(b) It has many gates that will minimize queues.
(c) Its employees will use metal detectors.
(d) Its inauguration was approved by the sports minister.

[정답] (A) It is the subject of spectator security concerns.


7만 5천명의관중이앉을수있는오아시스대학교체육관은다음달체육부장관이직접개관을선언할것이다. 일단개관하게되면, 이체육관은이나라에서가장큰체육경기장이될것이다. 그러나, 이같은특징은또한오아시스체육관을테러리스트들의많은이목을끄는대상으로만든다. 따라서, 당신이많은관심이쏠리는개관경기에참석할계획을세운다면, 긴줄을대비해야하는데이는체육관직원들이이장소에들어오려고시도하는모든사람들의소지품을꼼꼼하게확인할것이기때문이다.

(a) 이곳은관중들의보안우려의대상이다.
(c) 이곳의직원들은금속탐지기를이용할것이다.
(d) 이곳의개관은체육부장관에의해서승인되었다.


up to 최대 / inaugurate개장하다, 개관하다 / sports minister 체육부장관 / distinction 업적, 특징 / high-profile 많은이목을끄는 / meticulously 꼼꼼하게, 세심하게 / belonging 소지품 / venue 장소 / subject 대상 / queue 줄 / detector 감지기


Part 4


6-7. One of the most momentous milestones in German history was the reunification of West and East Germany in 1990. After World War II, Germany was divided into the democratic west and the communist east, with the former being occupied by American, British, and French forces and the latter by Soviet troops. By the late 1980s, Soviet-controlled communist regimes in Europe began falling one by one, heralding the victory of democracy on the continent. Under pressure from citizens, East German leaders acquiesced to a merger with their former rival to form a democratic, united Germany.

Of course, bringing the two Germanys together after such a long time apart posed significant challenges. Primary among them was the vast difference in wealth. West Germany had prospered in the post-war years due to the Marshall Plan, an American initiative dedicated to the reconstruction of war-torn Europe. However, East Germany had remained largely underdeveloped under the Soviet Union. It was only with substantial economic aid from West Germany starting in the 1990s that the East was able to begin the slow process of rebuilding.   

6. What is the main topic of the passage?
(a) Economic collaboration between East and West Germany
(b) The joining of two disparate states after decades of partition
(c) Germany’s surrender at the end of the World War II
(d) The reason for the Soviet Union’s loss of power in the 1980s

7. What was the goal of the Marshall Plan?
(a) Eliminating the communist threat
(b) Raising money to repay debts incurred during WWII
(c) Facilitating an agreement between East and West Germany
(d) Helping Europe recover after the war

[정답] 6. (B) The joining of two disparate states after decades of partition
[정답] 7. (D) Helping Europe recover after the war


6-7. 독일역사에있어서가장중요한사건중하나는 1990년동독과서독의재통일이다. 세계 2차대전이후, 독일은민주주의의서독과공산주의의동독으로나뉘었는데, 서독은미국, 영국, 그리고프랑스군이, 동독은소련군이차지했다. 1980년대말까지, 유럽에있는소련이지배한공산주의정권들이하나씩몰락하기시작했고, 유럽대륙에서민주주의의승리를알렸다. 시민들이압박하에서, 동독의지도자들은이전의경쟁자였던서독과의합병을묵인하여민주적인통일서독을만든다.

물론, 이렇게오랫동안분리된독일을하나로만드는데는상당한도전이따랐다. 그중가장주된도전은바로엄청난부의격차였다. 서독은전쟁이후마셜플랜때문에번성했는데, 이는전쟁으로찢긴유럽을재건하려는미국의계획이었다. 그러나, 동독은소련의통제하에서대부분개발이이뤄지지못한채로남아있었다. 바로 1990년대에시작된서독의상당한경제적지원이동독의느린재건을비로소시작할수있게한것이었다.

6. 이지문의주제는?
(a) 동독과서독의경제적협업
(b) 수십년간분리된후서로다른두나라의결합
(c) 세계 2차대전이종전될때독일의항복
(d) 1980년대소련의권력상실의이유

7. 마셜플랜의목적은?
(a) 공산주의자의위협제거
(b) 세계 2차대전동안생긴빚을갚는돈을모으는것
(c) 동독과서독의합의를촉진시키는것
(d) 전쟁이후유럽의회복을돕는것


momentous 중요한 / milestone이정표, 기념비적인사건 / reunification 재통일 / democratic 민주주의의 / communist 공산주의의 / regime 정권 / herald 알리다 / acquiesce 묵인하다 / prosper 번성하다 / initiative 계획 / underdevelop 제대로 개발하지 못하다 / substantial 상당한 / aid 지원, 원조 / disparate (본질적으로) 다른, 이질적인 / surrender 항복 / threat 위협 / incur 유발하다, 야기하다 / facilitate 촉진시키다, 용이하게하다



김형일 선생님 05월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
3744회 13개


장원 선생님 05월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
6956회 27개


이나진 선생님 05월 텝스 적중예상특강
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4155회 16개


이나진 선생님 04월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
5936회 17개


김형일 선생님 03월 텝스 적중예상특강
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3962회 15개


이나진 선생님 03월 텝스 적중예상특강
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