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Part 1

1. Since its founding in 1949, the People’s Republic of China has been governed by the Chinese Communist Party. Today, the country is still ruled by the party but its economy has undergone a metamorphosis in the last half-century, with positive results. Initially, China espoused a centrally planned economy modeled after the USSR’s. This scheme did not pan out, so Chinese leaders commenced reforms that introduced a market-oriented mixed economy that combined elements of capitalism and socialism. This has allowed the country to ( ).

(a) strengthen the power of the government
(b) progress rapidly in the last few decades 
(c) challenge the basic tenets of capitalism
(d) reorganize its ruling Communist Party

[정답] (b) progress rapidly in the last few decades

1949년설립때부터, 중화인민공화국은중국공산당이통치해왔다. 오늘날, 이나라는여전히공산당에의해서지배되고있지만, 이나라의경제는지난반세기동안대변화을겪었고, 긍정적인결과를만들었다. 처음에는, 중국은소련을모방한중앙집권적계획경제를신봉했다. 이계획은예상대로진행되지않았고, 그래서중국의지도자들은자본주의와사회주의적요소들을결합한시장주도혼합경제를도입하는개혁을시작했다. 이것이이나라가지난몇십년동안빠르게발전하도록허락했다.

(a) 정부의권력을강화하다 
(b) 지난몇십년동안빠르게발전하다 
(c) 자본주의의기본적이신조에도전하다 
(d) 집권공산당을재조직하다

founding 설립  govern지배하다  communist party 공산당  metamorphosis 대변화, 변형  espouse 신봉하다  pan out (특정한방향으로) 전개되다, 진행되다  commence 시작하다  market-oriented 시장주도의 
tenet 신조  reorganize재조직하다


2. Clinical dietitians from the University of Nebraska discovered that most parents do not know ( ). Nearly every respondent said they think of coffee first whenever the subject of caffeine comes up. Some of them did not know that this stimulant is also a constituent of many beverages that children consume, such as soda pops and energy drinks. Based on the parents’ responses, the researchers extrapolated that some five-year-olds have a daily caffeine intake equivalent to the levels found in a can of soda, an amount dangerous for young children.

(a) the amount of caffeine tolerated by children
(b) the caffeine consumption levels of their children 
(c) the effects of coffee on their small children
(d) the right diet for their growing children

[정답] (b) the caffeine consumption levels of their children

네브라스카대학교의임상영양사들은대부분의부모들이그들의자녀의카페인섭취정도를모른다는사실을밝혔다. 거의모든응답자들은카페인이라는주제가언급되면커피를가장먼저생각한다고말했다. 그들중몇몇은이각성제가어린이들이마시는소다수나에너지드링크의구성성분이라는것을알지못했다. 부모들의응답을기반으로, 연구자들은몇몇 5세어린이가소다한캔에서발견되는수치와동등한카페인을매일섭취한다고추론했는데, 이양은어린이에게위험한양이다.

(a) 어린이들에게허용된카페인의양 
(b) 그들의자녀의카페인섭취정도 
(c) 커피가어린아이들에게미치는영향 
(d) 성장하는어린이들에게올바른식습관

clinical 임상의  dietitian영양사  respondent 응답자  stimulant 각성제  constituent 구성성분  extrapolate 추론하다  equivalent 동등한, 같은값의  tolerate 허용하다



3. Some leftists believe that trickle-down economics, the policy of providing tax cuts to businesses to indirectly benefit society, does not work. They argue that shifting more of the tax burden to the middle and lower classes saps their wealth and lowers the quality of social services. However, proponents of the theory contend that prosperity should not be equated merely with the possession of banknotes. They say that the working classes’ ever-increasing access to technological advancements is an indication of economic well-being. Thus, the utilization of modern devices even by the poor is ( ).

(a) a means to benefit businesses that pay taxes
(b) providing a false sense of economic affluence
(c) proof of progress for the lower classes 
(d) good for the consumer electronics industry

[정답] (c) proof of progress for the lower classes

몇몇좌파들은, 간접적으로사회에혜택을주기위해서기업들에게세금감면을제공하는정책인낙수경제가효과가없다고믿는다. 그들은더많은세금부담을중산층과하층민들에게이동시키는것이그들의부를악화시키고사회서비스의질을떨어뜨린다고주장한다. 그러나, 낙수경제이론의옹호자들은번영이라는것이단순한화폐의소지와동일시되어서는안된다고주장한다. 그들은노동계층의계속증가하는기술적발전의접근이경제적안녕의조짐이라고말한다. 따라서, 빈곤층이라도현대적장치를사용하는것은하층민들의발전의증거이다.

(a) 세금을내는기업들에게혜택을주는수단 
(b) 경제적풍요라는거짓된감각을제공 
(c) 하층민들의발전의증거 
(d) 소비자전자산업에좋다

leftist 좌파, 급진파  trickle-down economics 낙수경제  tax cut 세금공제  work 효과가있다  sap 악화시키다  proponent 옹호자, 지지자  contend 주장한다  prosperity 번영  equate 동일시하다  banknote 화폐  indication 조짐  well-being 안녕, 웰빙  means 수단  affluence 풍요




Part 2

1. “News leaks,” or disclosures of confidential information to journalists, are most often the sources of controversial news stories. Many people leak information for their own advantage, like politicians who release classified information about their political opponents to embarrass them publicly. Others have more altruistic motives, revealing secret information that may help uncover activities that are morally wrong, as in cases of government scandals and corruption.

What is the article mainly about?
(a) The high prevalence of news leaks
(b) Why politicians spread nasty rumors
(c) The effects of poor security measures
(d) Reasons for revealing restricted data

[정답] (d) Reasons for revealing restricted data 

“뉴스폭로”, 또는은밀한정보를기자에게폭로하는것은가장빈번한논란의되는뉴스이야기의원천이다. 많은사람들은자기자신의이점을위해정보를폭로하는데, 정치인들이자신의정적에대한은밀한정보를공개해서그들을공개적으로당혹스럽게만드는것같은경우이다. 다른사람들은보다이타적인동기를가지는데, 정부의스캔들과부패같은사건들처럼도덕적으로잘못된활동들을드러내는데도움을줄수있는비밀정보를밝힌다.

(a) 뉴스폭로의높은보급 
(b) 왜정치인들은끔찍한루머를퍼뜨리는가 
(c) 형편없는보안조치들의효과들 
(d) 제한된데이터를드러내는이유들 

leak 누설  disclosure폭로controversial 논란이되는  classified 비밀한altruistic이타적인  uncover 밝히다  corruption 타락  prevalence 보급, 널리퍼짐  nasty 끔찍한



2. Conservationists point out that the captive breeding of endangered animal species is not a long-term solution to the threat of extinction. Animals bred in captivity lack the ability to hunt or forage for food, so they face possible starvation once released into the wild. Additionally, recent data show that habitat loss continues unabated, which means there are not enough places where captive organisms can be set free. Moreover, species that are highly mobile, such as migratory birds and fishes, do not thrive in captivity.

What is the writer mainly discussing about captive breeding?
(a) It can effectively resuscitate some extinct species.
(b) It lessens the impact of environmental conservation.
(c) It is more successful with some species of animals than others.
(d) It is not a sustainable ecological preservation method. 

[정답] (d) It is not a sustainable ecological preservation method. 

환경보호론자들은멸종위기에처한종들의포획사육이멸종위협에대한장기적인해결책이아니라고지적한다. 포획되어사육되는종들은사냥을하거나음식을얻는능력이부족하고, 따라서야생에풀어주게되면굶주림에직면할가능성이있다. 게다가, 최근데이터는서식지파괴가잦아들지않고있다는것을보여주고있고, 이는포획된생명체가풀려날수있는공간이충분하지않다는것을의미한다. 또한, 철새나철을따라이동하는물고기들같이이동성이뛰어난종들은포획된상태에서는번성하지않는다.

(a) 이는몇몇멸종된종을효과적으로부활시킬수있다 
(b) 이는환경보존의효과를완화시킨다.
(c) 이는다른동물들보다어떤종의동물에게더성공적이다.
(d) 이는지속가능한생태적보존방법이아니다.

captive breeding 포획사육  forage (먹이따위를) 채집하다, 얻다  starvation 굶주림  unabated 잦아들지않는  mobile 이동성이있는resuscitate 부활시키다  ecological 생태적인




Part 3

1. The NuTrek Sleeping Bag offers a myriad of features that make it an ideal travel companion for backpackers and campers. You can rest assured that you will stay warm and cozy within the insulated bag even when temperatures drop below the freezing point. It is lined with durable nylon fabric and filled with a synthetic and hypoallergenic insulating material. It is lightweight and easily packs away in the accompanying duffel bag. In addition, the NuTrek is machine washable and can be tumble dried, so cleaning is quick and uncomplicated.

Which statement about the sleeping bag is correct according to the advertisement?
(a) It is made from a long-lasting natural fiber.
(b) It is specially manufactured to be used indoors.
(c) It is designed to withstand extremely cold weather. 
(d) It is marketed to budget and business travelers.

[정답] (c) It is designed to withstand extremely cold weather. 

NuTrek침낭은이것을배낭여행자들과캠핑족들의이상적인여행동반자로만드는많은특징들을제공합니다. 기온이영하로내려가더라도단열된침낭에서따뜻하고안락하게머무를수있으니안심하십시오. 이침낭은내수성이있는나일론천으로안감을댔고, 합성저자극성단열물질로채워졌습니다. 이것은가볍고함께나오는더플백에쉽게쌀수있습니다. 게다가, NuTrek은세탁기로빨수있고기계식건조가가능하기때문에세탁이빠르고쉽습니다.

(a) 이것은오래가는천연섬유로만들어졌다.
(b) 이것은특별히실내용으로만들어졌다.
(c) 이것은극도로추운날씨를견디도록만들어졌다.
(d) 이것은돈을절약하는여행족과출장을가는사람들을위해만들어졌다.

myriad 많은, 다수의  cozy안락한  insulated 단열된  durable 내구성이있는  synthetic 합성의  hypoallergenic 저자극성의


2. In 1709, a group of workers digging a well fortuitously stumbled upon the ancient city of Herculaneum, which had been completely buried by pyroclastic debris when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79. Archeological excavations began soon after its discovery, revealing hundreds of skeletal remains and unearthing numerous artifacts. Scientists believe that the catastrophic magnitude of the volcano’s eruption was enough to cause immediate death to all of the city’s inhabitants. The relics are housed in various museums in Naples.

Which of the following claims is made about Herculaneum in the passage?
(a) Its entire population got obliterated by a natural disaster. 
(b) It was a town that was discovered in the seventeenth century.
(c) Artifacts recovered from it were unearthed by well diggers.
(d) The archeological finds are exhibited at the excavation site.

[정답] (a) Its entire population got obliterated by a natural disaster. 

1709년에, 우물을파던노동자들이운좋게도허큘라니엄의고대도시를우연히발견했는데, 이도시는서기 79년에베수비오수화산이폭발했을때, 화산쇄설물에완전히파묻혔었다. 이발견이후고고학적인발굴이시작되었고수백구의해골유해와많은유물들이발굴되었다. 과학자들은화산폭발의재앙적인강도가이도시의모든거주민들을순식간에사망하도록하기에충분했다고믿는다. 유물들은나폴리의여러박물관에보관되어있다.

(a) 이곳의전체인구가자연재해로인해완전히사라졌다.
(b) 17세기에발견된도시였다.
(c) 여기서발견된유물들은우물을파는사람들에의해발굴되었다.
(d) 고고학적인발견들이발굴장소에전시된다.

well 우물  fortuitous운좋게  stumble upon 우연히마주하다  pyroclastic debris 화산쇄설물  artifact 유물  catastrophic 재앙같은  magnitude 강도  house 보관하다  obliterate 제거하다, 삭제하다



3. Before adding audio files to your Muzka Player, download the most recent update of the SongTray application from our website. Without this software, you will not be able to manage your device’s contents. Please bear in mind that the Muzka Player does not support audio encoded as MIDI or WMA, so if you cannot play a song on your device, make sure to check the format. If this problem occurs, you can convert the files to a supported format by using SongTray. For more details, tap the help button on your device or call our support hotline for assistance.

Which of the following claims is made about the Muzka Player in the manual?
(a) It is limited to playing certain types of file formats. 
(b) The SongTray application is an optional add-on for it.
(c) Customers may call its manufacturer’s hotline anytime.
(d) Registration is necessary to download its software.

[정답] (a) It is limited to playing certain types of file formats.

오디오파일들을뮤즈카플레이어에추가하기전에, 우리웹사이트에서송트레이앱최신버전을다운받으세요. 이소프트웨어가없으면, 당신은기기의내용물을관리할수없습니다. 뮤즈카플레이어는 MIDI나 WMA로인코딩된오디오파일들을지원하지않는다는사실을명심하십시오. 따라서만약노래를기기에서재생할수없으면, 파일형식을확인해보십시오. 이문제가발생하면, 당신은송트레이를이용해서지원되는형식으로파일을변환할수있습니다. 더많은정보를위해서, 기기의 help 버튼을누르시거나핫라인으로전화주세요.

(a) 특정한형식의파일들을연주하도록제한되어있다.
(b) 송트레이앱은추가물이다.
(c) 고객은언제든지핫라인으로전화할수있다.
(d) 소프트웨어를다운받기위해서등록은필요하다.

convert 전환하다, 변환하다  tap두드리다  add-on 추가물, 부가물



김형일 선생님 10월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
2755회 8개


이나진 선생님 10월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
4618회 12개


홍혜윤 선생님 09월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
5126회 6개


김형일 선생님 09월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
3381회 12개


김형일 선생님 08월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
6540회 14개


김형일 선생님 07월 텝스 적중예상특강
(문제&해설 자료 다운가능)
5637회 16개