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무제 문서




A: How do you like your new apartment?
B: I’m still settling in. It _______ pretty exhausting until now
(a) having been
(b) will have been
(c) has been
(d) had been

[정답] (c) has been

A: 새로운 아파트 어떠니?
B: 여전히 적응중이야. 지금까지 매우 피곤하다.



A: When did you get a copy of the program?
B: It _______ in class the day you were absent.
(a) gave
(b) was given
(c) gives
(d) is given

[정답] (b) was given

A: 그 프로그램 사본 언제 받았니?
B: 네가 결석한 날에 수업 시간에 배부 해줬어.




A: The magazine has been printing a lot of Mr. Holley’s articles lately.
B: Yes, he _______ six articles for the publication so far.
(a) has written
(b) writes
(c) was writing
(d) wrote

[정답] (a) has written

A: 그 잡지에서 최근에 Holley의 기사를 많이 다루고 잇어.
B: 응, 지금까지 6개의 기사를 쓰고 있거든.



A: More and more companies are advertising on the Internet.
B: It’s probably the most effective way _______ new customers.
(a) get
(b) gotten
(c) getting
(d) to get

[정답] (d) to get

A: 점점 더 많은 회사들이 인터넷상에서 광고를 하고있어.
B: 새로운 고객을 찾는 가장 효율적인 방법일거야.




A: Do you think I can leave the room now?
B: I think that only if the professor says yes,
(a) you are allowed to leave here
(b) are you allowed to here leave
(c) here are you allowed to leave
(d) are you allowed to leave here

[정답] (d) are you allowed to leave here

A: 이 방을 지금 나가도 될까요?
B: 교수님이 허락하셔야 네가 나갈 수 있을거 같아.




A: So how’s the annual planning meeting coming along?
B: Pretty good. We haven’t had _______ yet.
(a) some big disagreements
(b) all big disagreements
(c) the big disagreements
(d) any big disagreements

[정답] (d) any big disagreements

A: 연 기획 회의 어떻게 준비되고 있니?
B: 아주 좋아. 아직 큰 의견충돌은 없어




A: The investors are asking when they’ll get an update.
B: Please let them know they _______ worry. We’ll send one soon.
(a) need
(b) need not
(c) need not be
(d) need be

[정답] (b) need not

A: 투자자들이 언제 업데이트를 받을 수 있는지 물어봐.
B: 그들에게 걱정할거 없다고 알려요. 우리가 곧 보낼거야.





A: I didn’t think we’d get the work done on time.
B: Same here, _______ the place was such a mess this morning.
(a) to consider
(b) having considered
(c) considering
(d) consider

[정답] (c) considering

A: 우리가 제 시간에 일을 마무리 할거라고 생각 못했어.
B: 오늘 아침 이곳이 얼마나 엉망인지 고려해 보고 나도 그랬어.



A: Is this where you want the painting?
B: Maybe we should put it _______ inches higher up the wall.
(a) a little
(b) few
(c) little
(d) a few

[정답] (d) a few

A: 이곳이 네가 원하는 그림을 놓을 곳이니?
B: 아마도 벽에서 몇 인치 올려 두어야 할거같아.





A: Why is Jane late?
B: ______________ to getting up early, she stayed up
late last night.
(a) As she is accustomed
(b) She is as accustomed
(c) Accustomed as she is
(d) Accustomed as is she

[정답] (c) Accustomed as she is

A: 왜 Jane이 늦었니?
B: 그녀는 일찍 일어나는데 익숙하지만, 어제 밤 늦게까지 일어나 있었어.



A: Are we allowed to tour the laboratory?
B: No, only _______ personnel have access.
(a) authorize
(b) authorizing
(c) to authorize
(d) authorized

[정답] (d) authorized

A: 연구실을 돌아볼 수 있나요?
B: 아뇨. 오직 권한받은 직원들만 접근할 수 있어요.



A: I’m not sure where to put these things.
B: All _______ should be stored in that cabinet over there.
(a) crystal glassware
(b) crystal glasswares
(c) a crystal glassware
(d) the crystal glasswares

[정답] (a) crystal glassware

A: 이것들을 어디에 두어야할지 확실치 않아.
B: 이 유리 그릇들은 저기에 있는 선반에 두어야 할거같아.



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