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무제 문서



1. The actors were amused when the _______.

(a) set during filming the cleaning lady walked on
(b) cleaning lady walked on the set during filming
(c) cleaning lady during filming the set walked on
(d) set the cleaning lady walked on during filming

[정답] (b) cleaning lady walked on the set during filming

여자 청소부가 무대 위로 걸어 올라올때 그 배우는 놀랐었다



2. Global Positioning System or GPS has been of great benefit to motorists _______ its development in the late 1970s.

(a) until
(b) while
(c) since
(d) once

[정답] (c) since

위치 확인 시스템 또는 GPS는 1970년말에 개발 이래로 운전자들에게 엄청난 이득이 되어왔다.




3. The US government defeated the Soviet Union by _______ the first nation to put a man on the moon in 1969.

(a) becoming
(b) to become
(c) became
(d) become

[정답] (a) becoming

미국 정부는 1969년 사람을 달에 먼저 착륙시킨 첫 나라가 됨으로써 소련을 이겼다.


4. The retired general did not actually write his own memoirs _______, but commissioned a professional biographer to do it.

(a) yourself
(b) oneself
(c) themselves
(d) himself

[정답] (d) himself

퇴역한 장군은 그의 회고록을 직접 쓰지 않았고 전문 회고록 작가에게 의뢰했다.



5. Amy isn’t friends with John anymore. This _________
had John not criticized Amy’s fault.

(a) didn’t happen
(b) wouldn’t happen
(c) hadn’t happened
(d) wouldn’t have happened

[정답] (d) wouldn’t have happened

Amy는 John과 더이상 친구가 아니야. John이 Amy의 실수를 비판하지 않았더라면 이는 발생하지 않았을텐데.



6. One of _______ most traveled persons was Paul, who traversed thousands of miles of land and ocean to spread Christianity.

(a) first century’s
(b) the first century’s
(c) such first century’s
(d) a first century’s

[정답] (b) the first century’s

가장 여행을 많이한 첫 사람중에 하나는 Paul인데 기독교를 알리기위해 수 천 마일의 땅과 바다를 여행했었다.

7. Two of Raymond Chandler’s famous novels _______ such works as The Big Sleep and The Blue Dahlia, which earned the author much recognition.

(a) are included
(b) includes
(c) is including
(d) include

[정답] (d) include

Raymond Chandler의 유명한 소성둘은 The Big Sleep 그리고 The Blue Dahlia인데이는 그 작가를 인정받게했다.


8. Only entrants _______ essays have never been printed will be considered for the writing competition.

(a) who
(b) whose
(c) for whom
(d) to which

[정답] (b) whose

출판된 에세이가 없는 참가자만이 writing competition에 참여할 수 있을것이다.


9. The customer decided to visit the store instead of shopping online so she could select _______ gift for a friend.

(a) best
(b) a best
(c) the best
(d) that best

[정답] (c) the best

손님은 온라인 쇼핑 대신에 가게에 갈 것을 결정했다. 그래서 그녀는 친구를 위해 최고의 선물을 고를 수 있었다.


10. _______ a country’s gross domestic product grows, consumer spending tends to increase as well.

(a) Yet
(b) As
(c) Thus
(d) Unless

[정답] (b) As

국내 총 생산량이 증가하기 때문에 고객 지출이 역시 증가할것이다.


11. The speaker as well as the seminar presenters waiting their turn were stunned by the audience’s prolonged _______.

(a) applause
(b) applauses
(c) an applause
(d) some applauses

[정답] (a) applause

그들의 순서를 기다리는 세미나 발표자뿐 아니라 연설자도 청중들의 긴 갈채에 놀랐었다.


12. The police questioned an individual _______ they believe might be able to provide information about the robbery.

(a) of that
(b) who
(c) from whom
(d) which

[정답] (b) who

경찰은 강도사건에 관한 정보를 제공할 수 있다고 믿는 개인에게 질문했다.


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