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무제 문서

Part 1

Questions 1~12 Choose the best answer for the blank.

A: The people in the audience were all smiling.
B: Yes, I saw that as well. They _______ by the singer’s performance.

(a) delight
(b) are delighting
(c) were delighted
(d) had been delighting

[정답] (C) were delighted


A: 관중석에 있는 사람들이 모두 웃고 있었다
B: 맞아. 나도 봤어. 그들은 가수의 공연에 정말 즐거워했어.

A: When did you have time for lunch before you came here?
B: I was _______ a sandwich.

(a) walking to eat
(b) eating to walk
(c) eating while walking
(d) walking while eating

[정답] (D) walking while eating


A: 여기 오기 전에 점심 먹을 시간이 언제 있었어?
B: 샌드위치 먹으면서 걸어왔어

A: Was the museum tour really that interesting?
B: It sure was. I know _______.

(a) too that you will be enthused
(b) that too you’d have been enthused
(c) that you’d too have been enthused
(d) you’d have been enthused too

[정답] (D) you’d have been enthused too


A: 박물관 투어가 정말 그렇게 재미있었어?
B: 정말로. 아마 너도 정말 열광했을 거야.

Enthuse 열광하게 만들다.

A: Should I make a request for more chairs?
B: Yes, we _______ something like ten, I believe.

(a) lack
(b) to lack
(c) are lacking
(d) have been lacking

[정답] (A) lack

A: 의자를 더 요청해야 할까?
B: 응, 내 생각에는 10개 정도가 부족해


A: Can Bill present if we assign him the report three days before the meeting?
B: If he _______, I’m pretty sure he will do just fine presenting it.

(a) is practicing
(b) practices
(c) has practiced
(d) had practiced

[정답] (B) practices

A: 우리가 회의 3일 전에 그에게 보고서를 맡긴다면 Bill 이 발표를 할 수 있을까?
B: 만약 연습한다면, 나는 그가 잘 해낼 것이라고 확신해.

A: What sort of wedding gown do you have in mind?
B: I want one _______.

(a) with a train made of silk
(b) of silk made with a train
(c) silk with a train made of
(d) made of a silk with train

[정답] (A) with a train made of silk

A: 어떤 종류의 웨딩 드레스를 마음에 두고 있어?
B: 실크로 만들어진 긴 옷자락이 있는 드레스를 원해

Train 긴 드레스의 바닥에 끌리는 옷자락


A: Did you send Lisa that letter of apology?
B: Yeah. I’m pretty sure she _______ it at this very moment.

(a) peruse
(b) perused
(c) perusing
(d) is perusing

[정답] (D) is perusing

A: Lisa 에게 사과 편지 보냈어?
B: 응, 지금 읽고 있는 중일 거야.

Peruse 속독하다


A: Do you still go to the disco to dance?
B: Not often. Only _______ I’m not too tired to have fun.

(a) whenever
(b) whatever
(c) whichever
(d) wherever

[정답] (A) whenever

A: 아직도 춤추러 디스코에 가니?
B: 자주는 아니야. 놀기에 너무 피곤하지 않을 때만.


A: You got a parking ticket yesterday?
B: Yeah, it was stuck _______ my windshield wiper.

(a) behind
(b) among
(c) between
(d) along

[정답] (A) behind

A: 어제 주차 위반 딱지 받았어?
B: 응, 자동차 유리 닦개 뒤에 붙어있었어


A: Did the university counselor give you some good advice?
B: Yes, I’m really glad _______ to someone so supportive.

(a) spoken
(b) speak
(c) to speak
(d) to have spoken

[정답] (D) to have spoken

A: 대학교 상담사가 좋은 조언 해줬어?
B: 응, 그렇게 힘을 주는 사람에게 말할 수 있어서 너무 기뻐.


A: I’m so tired of my car constantly breaking down on me.
B: Maybe _______ you bought a new one.

(a) time is about
(b) is it about time
(c) about time it's
(d) it's about time

[정답] (D) it's about time

A: 내 자동차가 계속 고장 나는 것이 싫증나
B: 아마 이제 새로운 자동차를 하나 사야 할 때인 것 같다

A: Can you salvage the files on my hard drive?
B: It looks bad, but I’ll do what I _______.

(a) can
(b) can to
(c) can to do
(d) can do it

[정답] (A) can

A: 내 하드 드라이브에 있는 파일들을 복구할 수 있을까요?
B: 안 좋아 보입니다. 하지만 제가 할 수 있는 것을 해볼게요.

Salvage 회복하다 지키다

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