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101. Improving the hiring practices at Trenaco Incorporation will lead to a more ------- workforce made up of staff with a wide range of experiences.

(A) whole
(B) familiar
(C) diverse
(D) immediate  

[정답] (C) diverse

고용 방식을 개선하는 것이/ Trenaco Incorporation에서의/ 더욱 다양한 인력 풀을 갖추게 해 줄 것이다/ 다양한 경험을 가진 직원들로 만들어진

practice v. n. 관행, 방식 = way, method / lead to sth ~으로 이끌다, ~하는 결과를 낳다 = result in, cause / workforce n. 노동력, 직원 / a range of N 다양한 = various / whole adj. 전체의 (the whole) / familiar adj. 익숙한 (familiar with sth/ to sb) = well-known / diverse adj. 다양한 cf. various + 복수 N / immediate adj. 즉각적인 = instant



102. ------- increase his productivity, the human resources manager began arriving to work an hour early.

(A) In order to
(B) Provided
(C) As long as
(D) Until

[정답] (A) In order to

생산성을 높이기 위해, 인사과장은 출근하기 시작했다/ 한 시간 일찍

productivity n. 생산성 / in order to do ~하기 위해서 = so that S+V / provided (that) S+V = if / as long as S+V ~하는 한은 / until prep. conj. ~까지(지속, 계속)



103. Chef Tim Hughes was known for preparing meals -------, without sacrificing their quality.

(A) quick
(B) quickening
(C) quicker
(D) quickly

[정답] (D) quickly

Tim Hughes 요리사는 잘 알려져 있다/ 요리를 빨리 만드는 것으로/ 질을 떨어뜨리지 않으면서도

be known for sth ~으로 유명한 / sacrifice n. v. 희생하다 / quicken v. 빠르게 하다


104. Brynn Skinner has become one of the most ------- and copied chefs in the world. 

(A) directed
(B) engineered
(C) acclaimed
(D) constructed

[정답] (C) acclaimed

Brynn Skinner는 되었다/ 세계에서 가장 칭송 받으면서 가장 많이 (다른 요리사들에 의해) 모방이 되는 요리사가

directed 지시를 받은 / engineered 조작된 / acclaimed adj. 칭송 받는, 칭찬을 받는 cf. publicly acclaimed / constructed 지어진



105. ------- year-end revenues fell five percent below projections, the board still decided to hire more workers.

(A) Even though
(B) As long as
(C) Provided that
(D) Rather than

[정답] (A) Even though

연말 수익은 예상보다 5% 떨어졌지만, 이사회는 여전히 더 많은 노동자를 고용하기로 결정했다.

even though conj. ~에도 불구하고 = although / as long as conj. ~하는 한은 = if / provided that conj. ~하면 = if / rather than conj. prep. ~대신에 = instead of / projection n. 예상(치), 전망(치)



106. The firm’s recent product recall was the reason its market valuation was -------. 

(A) narrow
(B) vacant
(C) assorted
(D) lowered

[정답] (D) lowered

회사의 최근 제품 리콜은 시장 가치 평가가 떨어진 때문이었다.

narrow adj. 좁은 ↔ wide / vacant adj. 비어 있는 = empty, unoccupied / assorted adj. 섞여 있는 = mixed / lowered adj. 낮아진 / valuation n. 가치 평가



107. Because so ------- people signed up for swimming lessons, the gym had to hire an extra instructor.

(A) little
(B) most
(C) many
(D) all

[정답] (C) many

너무 많은 사람들이 신청해서/ 수영 강좌에/ 체육관은 추가적으로 강사를 고용해야만 했다.

little adj. 약간 (+ 불가산 N) / most adj. 대부분의 (so most (X)) / many adj. 많은 (+ 복수 N) / sign up for sth 신청하다 / instructor n. 강사



108. Before signing the relevant paperwork, Coola Corporation’s ------- of Valence Solutions was leaked to the press.

(A) acquisition
(B) acquired
(C) acquire
(D) acquires

[정답] (A) acquisition

관련 서류에 서명하기 전에 Coola Corporation의 Valence Solutions 인수 사실이 언론에 누설되었다.

acquisition n. 인수, 획득 / acquire v. 획득하다, 인수하다 = take over / leak n. v. 누수, 새다 / the press 언론



109. The studio’s latest film was ------- not released on account of a disagreement between the producers.

(A) highly
(B) typically
(C) almost
(D) yet

[정답] (C) almost

그 스튜디오의 최신 영화는 거의 공개되지 않았다/ 제작자들 간의 의견 불일치로 인해

highly adv. 아주, 매우 = very / typically adv. 전형적으로 = normally, generally / almost adv. 거의 = nearly, virtually / yet adv. 아직도 (+ not) / release v. n. 출시되다, 발표하다 / on account of sth ~때문에 = because of / disagreement n. 의견 불일치



110. At the Brentwood Art Show, visitors are ------- to take photos with the pieces exhibited.

(A) influenced
(B) encouraged
(C) renowned
(D) appreciated

[정답] (B) encouraged

Brentwood Art Show에서 방문객들은 권장된다/ 사진을 찍도록/ 전시된 물품들과 함께

influence v. 영향을 주다 / encourage v. sb가 to do하도록 독려하다 / renowned adj. 유명한 (+for) / appreciate v. 감사하다 = thank



111. The ------- biography of late actor Winston Meyer will be sold in select bookstores beginning September 12.

(A) officially  
(B) officiate
(C) officiating
(D) official

[정답] (D) official

작고한 배우 Winston Meyer의 전기가 판매될 것이다/ 지정된 서점에서/ 9월 12일부터

officially adv. 공식적으로 = formally, publicly / officiate v. 공무를 수행하다 / official adj. 공식적인 / late adj. 늦은, 작고한(죽은) / select v. adj. 선택된, 엄선된

112. Jane Louis began singing two decades ago, at a time when country music ------- a surge in popularity.

(A) experiences
(B) is experiencing
(C) will experience
(D) was experiencing

[정답] (D) was experiencing

Jane Louis는 노래 부르기를 20년 전에 시작했다/ 그 당시 커츄리 뮤직은 엄청난 인기를 얻고 있었다.

decade n. 10년 / surge n. 거대한 파도, 엄청난 증가



113. Employees interested in volunteering at the company event can make their intentions ------- by contacting Ms. Berger.

(A) know
(B) knows
(C) known
(D) knowing

[정답] (C) known

행사에 자원봉사 일에 관심이 있는 직원은/ 그런 의사를 밝힐 수 있다/ Ms. Berger에게 연락해서

volunteer n. v. 자발적으로 하다 / intention n. 의도, 의사


114. ------- included in this weekend’s sale needs to be marked with a red sticker.

(A) Each
(B) Certain
(C) Whatever
(D) Anything

[정답] (D) Anything

이번 주말 할인 행사에 포함된 것은 무엇이든/ 표시가 되어야 한다/ 빨간 스티커로

mark n. v. 표시하다



115. The new funding will permit researchers to study the medication’s potential effects ------- than would have otherwise been possible.

(A) thorough
(B) thoroughness
(C) thoroughly
(D) more thoroughly

[정답] (D) more thoroughly

신규 자금이 가능하게 해 줄 것이다/ 연구원들이 그 약의 잠재적 효능을 연구할 수 있도록/ 더욱 철저하게/ 그런 신규 자금이 없었으면 불가능했을 상황보다는

thorough adj. 철저한 / thoroughly adv. 철저하게 = carefully, comprehensively / medication n. 약, 치료

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